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1001 Pots: much more than an exhibition.

It is an immersion in the universe of ceramics. A multisensory experience. Every day, 

several ceramists are present on the site to share their knowledge and their artistic universe. In addition to visiting one of the largest open-air ceramic markets in Quebec, you can attend   demonstrations, workshops and musical or performing arts performances throughout summer. 

The exhibition

The annual exhibition is a showcase for a hundred professional ceramic artists, as well as several graduates.  It is also one of the largest markets for selected ceramists from all over Quebec.


1001 Pots introduces the public to the profession of ceramist through demonstrations, workshops and other events in its program. 1001 Pots offers privileged moments of meeting between professionals, to exchange and improve. It offers artisans as well as the general public who love ceramics, the opportunity to live a fulfilling experience in a setting that is as enchanting as it is inspiring.

Other activities and events


Bal des lucioles

July 5th at 7pm

As tradition dictates, the Bal des lucioles will kick off the event where lit up with candles and lulled to the sound of background music, the site will become, the space of the evening, a magical and warm world.


Empty bowls

Decoration by the public
Date to be determined

Several ceramists will participate again this year in the movement  Empty bowls  by making bowls that will then be made available to the public to decorate.


These bowls will finally be sold during the fall to raise funds against hunger. 

In collaboration with: 

Introduction to throwing and hand shaping for all ages

Info to be determined

Courtesy of our supplier Tucker's Pottery supplies


Saturday concerts

Saturdays 2pm to 6pm

Every Saturday, discover the 1001 Pots under jazz tunes.  Let yourself be carried away by the music and take a few dance steps. 


Puppet and mask theatre festival 

Dates to come

1001 moving patents 

is presented as part of the event programming of  1001 Pots and is aimed at an audience of all ages.


The tea room

Every day.

Take a break in our open-air Tea Room and experience the intimate alliance between the art of tea and ceramic art. Choose your cup or your bowl created by our ceramists to enjoy one of our tasty teas.

Our courses and artist residencies

Want to learn about ceramics?  Multiple possibilities are available to you for pleasure and discovery. Sign up your little ones for our initiation to shaping workshops or, for the older ones, for the week-long intensive throwing course for adults!  

Courset résidences

Wheel throwing introductory course 

for adults

Saturdays & Sundays*
10:30 | 12 | 2 | 3:30

Duration: 60 mins.

Cost: $35 + taxes

Courses for adults only, these include all the necessary material.


*With the exception of July 8-9 &22-23. 


Introductory course

for children

Saturdays & Sundays*
10:30 | 12 | 2 | 3:30

Duration: 60 mins.

Cost: $18 + taxes

Accompanied by an adult.

Clay without cooking.

Registrations by phone

or the same day, at checkout. 

*With the exception of July 8-9 &22-23. 


Artists in Residence

Artists and upcoming dates


Sit back and appreciate in real time the work of our artists in residence who work before your eyes. 


Intensive courses for adults

Dates et informations à venir

These courses are for adults, Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. These one-week courses are offered for three weeks over the course of the festival. The course includes all necessary equipment and cooking. 

Copie de IMG_9345.png

Meeting the artists

Everyday 10am - 6pm

1001 Pots offers a wide range of opportunities to discover the world of ceramics and meet the designers. 


Every day, several ceramists are present on the site to share their knowledge and their artistic universe.

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