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Scope, Gabriella

The atmosphere of the work I’m striving for is that of an artefact: suspended between past and present. There is always a play between historical references, maps and language, these tools are ambiguous interpretations, ever changing, eroded.

There is a common vocabulary in the body of my work through the years. It is thematic in nature, I focus on specific subject matter and create series. To some subjects, I return over the years and some are made in the span of a few months. My starting point is always with an actual event in the present such as migration, then I pull in related images.

As I construct I design what information will become part of the surface: drownings and writing, etchings, symbols. Not all of the surface will be visible after glazing but bits of information will always be legible. I want the audience to investigate the work and try to discover what references are in and on the work. I want them to associate and tap into their knowledge and aesthetics.

A look at what you will discover.

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