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Hicher, Makiko

The azure having abandoned me...

These are stoneware pieces, fired in an electric oven, on which I used a glaze technique by applying natural sponges, in the same way that I would have painted a picture.

These creations were inspired by the idea of a work which (perhaps following a shipwreck) would have fallen to the bottom of the waters, where it would have waited for centuries, solitary, gradually covered by algae and seashells and taking on the color of the oceans that surround it. It is a work imbued with both sadness and poetry, those of lost objects, abandoned by everyone, that time, little by little, marks its mark. There is also this idea of the depths of the sea, of aquatic chasms, which has always scared me, but is tinged with romanticism.

These pieces, in many respects, are typical of my work: in clay (the material I prefer), of a simple form, as natural as possible, and marked like most of my pieces by the idea of time which passes and alters things, giving them relief and a secret depth.

A look at what you will discover.

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