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Bandurchin, John & Carol

We started working with clay more than forty years ago. We work together, making pieces that are both functional and decorative. We have taken courses and workshops with several other potters, in Canada, the United States and Europe on turning techniques as well as on finishing, decoration and enamelling. Our pottery is wheel thrown, hand made from slabs, extruded and sometimes a combination of two or even all of these techniques. sometimes a combination of two or even three of these methods.

We make all the dies used for extrusion, and all the shapes we use to build the slabs. Most of our ideas come from various things we see around us, including shapes in nature and other forms.

We hope our pottery is used and enjoyed regularly.

We like to hear, for example, "Morning coffee in your cup is the best way to start my day".

A look at what you will discover.

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