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Lukus Uhlman

My work deals with memory and emotional texture. I am a multidisciplinary artist in Music and Ceramics. As a Ceramist, my main source of inspiration is the plethora of sea creatures easily devastated by disasters both natural and human made. I’m a person living away from the delicate nature I love most. In order to express that nostalgia for Nova Scotia, I keep my forms and decoration informed, but abstract. Memory often blurs with time.

Whether global warming or a red tide, sea-life and ceramics share the fact of their delicacy, and their floating quality. To reflect this I use porcelain to throw light pieces in order to mirror those qualities. The species found in the ocean are each very different from one another and serve a unique purpose in their environment. Pots also serve a unique purpose in their setting. My work uses texture, form and colour to make a vibrant and unique array of species to express their unique purpose in their use.

A look at what you will discover.

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