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Sophie Manessiez

After several years of practice in different workshops, training, a few exhibitions and finally my course at the Bonsecours ceramics school, my ceramic work today bears witness to my attraction to an aesthetic of organic form, line, repetition and chromatic nuance. An aesthetic where the meeting of materials and deformation become the subtle elegance that gives each piece its uniqueness.

It is in the pure forms of an organic design characterized by the simplicity and subtlety of curves and the absence of ornament that the Horizons collection reveals itself.

The sober decor is born from the contrast of two textures: a matte enamel, velvety to the touch, warm and colorful, blending with a transparent gloss enamel, smooth and hard. This conversation between the two enamels creates an infinite line with a rich, unique weave.

The soft touch of the matte enamel expresses the sensation I have in my daily work with porcelain, a very soft and sensual clay.

A look at what you will discover.

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