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Poterie de la Forêt

I'm interested in many forms of expression: literary, philosophical, intellectual, musical and visual. I've always been drawn to making decorative objects, whether they're related to traditional visual arts such as sculpture, drawing and painting, or to other visual art forms such as photography, sewing, knitting and many others. What attracts me to creation is the possibility of developing knowledge and techniques that enable me to design.

As a ceramist, I take seriously the importance of creating objects that will be used by many different people in many different contexts. I try to convey something of my vision of life and what I find aesthetically pleasing. I draw much of my inspiration from the beauty of the landscape and the flora and fauna I discover during my sojourns in nature and my travels across this vast country. I'm also inspired by many ceramists who developed interesting pieces and varied techniques long before me.

A look at what you will discover.

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