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Matthew Mulholland

I create utilitarian gems. The chemistry of colors, the alchemy of heat, the geology of the earth; furrows of inspiration. I make utilitarian pieces because I appreciate the intimacy of the human being, his unique and personal contact with such a natural material. I take my inspiration from mugs as an empty canvas ready to accept all the colors I like and that are accessible to me. Ceramics can be both controlled and uncontrolled. Glazes want to move, but you have to know how far you can push them while respecting your limits. Natural colors are accessible and at the same time blend in surprising and, above all, pleasing ways.

Cézanne said he wanted to conquer the Paris Salons with paintings of apples. I want to conquer the craft fairs with "mugs". I'd like everyone to be able to express their soul and well-being by drinking from a mug I've fashioned.

A look at what you will discover.

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