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Manon Delorme

I have a passion for creating... Clay is my preferred medium. It allows me to explore an infinite number of shapes and decors, through throwing, shaping, glazing and firing. In 2023, after a break of several years, I felt a deep joy and pleasure in returning to the studio. I gave myself the freedom to explore different directions, especially in terms of surface treatments. I drew on the imagery of my favorite decors to revisit my old collections and create new objects. Clay always inspires me, and the choice of utilitarian pottery is always paramount. I take great care in the making of each object, so that the people who buy them will in turn transform them by making them part of their daily lives for many years to come.

This material carries my every gesture in its memory. I leave my personal imprint on it. My approach is essentially intuitive, playful and sensory. I'm inspired by colors, flora and fauna, and love organic, slightly imperfect forms. I'm currently working on my production, which I'm revisiting in porcelain, while always having one or two one-off pieces in progress that allow me to seek a sculptural aspect to the container, while taking inspiration from the process known as monotype to engrave dry clay re-wetted by the application of colored engobes with a point and develop a unique decoration on each piece.

A look at what you will discover.

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