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Mathilda Lovell

Ceramic artist of Franco-British origin, Mathilda Lovell has the art and the way of transforming the art of tea into travel.

After studying literature and languages and training in applied arts in Paris, Mathilda crossed the Atlantic to train in ceramics at the Center de Céramique Bonsecours in Montreal. From this passion, inherited from his ceramist grandfather, emerged a universe in which the objects of everyday life are reshaped into fantasy. Traditional, European, African, or Aboriginal inspirations mix in Mathilda's clay, and reinvent themselves through contemporary ceramic techniques.

From the art of tea to the art of living, cups, teapots, sugar bowls, but also incense holders, vases, jewelry, bow ties travel, and make you travel, in the "sandstone" of a playful and cosmopolitan imagination. The diversity of the creations, however, follows a breadcrumb trail, spinning in spirals: inspired by the Koru Maori, a symbol of peace and rebirth, they are all nods to the artist, from one collection to another.

A look at what you will discover.

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