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Marie-France Lefebvre (Atelier 542)

Marie-France is an innovative and growing ceramist in the field of ceramics and decorative arts. She was trained many years ago by Madame Lyse Fleury, a well-known ceramist in the field. In collaboration with Annie Fournier, she recently founded Atelier 542, a pottery boutique and school.

Marie-France creates a wide range of utilitarian and creative pieces, as well as superb ceramic lighting fixtures that create a warm ambience. All fixture designs are available ready-to-buy or as custom options, from small formats to large-scale projects. The 2023 collection is meticulously handcrafted locally at Atelier 542 in St-Eustache, QC. The concepts are both exclusive and similar, with colors and shapes that sometimes defy gravity... With a concern for harmony, the pieces serve the everyday art of the table and the art of ambiance with prestigious and unique collections.

"Clay has a unique and natural ability to calm the spirit and reveal what is hidden in the heart at the present moment. It is authentic because of its characteristics, which must be respected without circumventing them. It forges the character of patience and brings us back to the source of the heart". (Quote by Marie-France)

A look at what you will discover.

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