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JU Artiste Céramiste

My first contact with clay was in front of a large window opening onto nature. Every day a new light, every season a new setting. Inside, this warm, reassuring space: André Lacroix's studio revealed to me a medium that would support my creative nature, in a place imbued with humanism, poetry and the pleasure of passing on a passion, a skill.

The pieces I create are timeless, uncluttered and light, yet adapted to everyday use. This impression of robustness and refinement is born from the blend of different earths: white, delicate porcelain blends with the strength of Dark Granit. The superimposed decoration often evokes seascapes and recalls the lines of horizons. The play of light is created by the contrast between matte and gloss glazes. At times, the earth is visible on the piece, like a patch of shoreline to be explored. I want my pieces to add value to the small gestures of everyday life, an embellishment in the midst of tumult.

A look at what you will discover.

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