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Ishizuka Ceramics

I work in my ceramic studio located in the industrial district of Rosemont. I create all my work on a ceramic wheel or using shaping techniques. I devote two months a year to research and development, exploring materials, forms and firing methods inside my studio and outside in the village of Val-David, north of Montreal in the Laurentians. I work with semi-porcelain and stoneware to create both functional, everyday objects and more abstract pieces.

What I love about clay is that it comes from the earth on which we tread; a dynamic and unpretentious material, an extension of the hand that shapes it, and an extension of our existence as we pass away - a historical document. Clay has a character, a personality that governs the way I work with it as it undergoes many transformations; together, the material and I enjoy a collaborative and evolving relationship where we both contribute to the creative process.

A look at what you will discover.

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