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MC Girard

My relationship with ceramics has been, since the beginning of my career in 2007,

clarified enormously and became an extension of myself. My research always consists in the development of simple and timeless forms, but I like to add to the pleasure of the balance of forms, the pleasure of the senses that comes with the use of my pieces. The textures and colors of the glazes, the patinas that form on the bare earth after some time, become paramount in the experience that I like to offer people. All the details of a room are taken into account when creating it; from the choice of clay, to the precision of turning and turning as well as the application of glazes, all these steps have been perfected over the years to achieve the degree of refinement sought.

My joy in transforming matter remains the essence of my approach and I aspire to explore this endless path that is the profession of ceramist for a long time to come.

A look at what you will discover.

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