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Stéphanie Flowers

Stephanie Flowers is a visual artist working in porcelain to create sculptural installations and works of art. Her work is inspired by biology, anatomy, architecture and design. Influenced by the language and representations of medical imaging, she questions how these representations can translate such an intimate space.

The material process of making informs Flowers' work on conceptual, emotional and physical levels. She explores the parallels between the human body and the characteristics of porcelain: its fragility, strength, plasticity and translucence. Through her created forms, she also examines the relationships between negative/internal and positive/external spaces to help realize a sense of belonging. By translating the poetic and surreal qualities of the human body into strange yet familiar minimal forms, she aims to create alternative ways of understanding and imagining our bodies, while taking into account the limits, fragility, connections and confinement of our own inner abode.

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