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Evelyne Rivest Savignac

A ceramist for over 20 years, I practice this art for the unpredictable adventure it constantly offers me, with results that are at once surprising, disappointing but also dazzling...

My work takes the form of two distinct productions: one-off artistic pieces in raku & one-off or small-scale utilitarian pieces in porcelain and stoneware.

All are the result of the pleasure I take in working with harmonious colors and contrasts, as well as the multiplication of engraved and painted details; leaves, flowers, branches and a few perched birds are the essence of my decorations, like an intention to immortalize Nature on shards, because it is the great Fundamentality and I love it.

So, to create matter through the 4 elements that are fundamental to it, but organized by my own unique creative force, I have to say it's very grounding and galvanizing!

This is a craft that must be practised humbly, because ceramics doesn't ascribe to words like "satisfaction" or "completion".

It's a search, and an infinite one....

A look at what you will discover.

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