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Enfin Atelier

Maybe it's because pottery saved me from a future that didn't suit me, or because I feel every gesture in the present as I touch the clay, but the theme of healing is recurrent in my work. Collections such as Le Remède or my medicine need no elaboration as to their meaning, but other collections echo this theme with subtlety. The new La Fleur collection, for example, is intended to bring together contemplators of the beautiful and the gentle through a coat of arms, a sense of belonging to a group that admires an abstract entity.

abstract entity

All other models are tinged with finesse and softness by the colors mint and peach, and are bordered by simple, delicate motifs that are comforting.

Another part of my practice is more illustrative and intuitive. It's important for me to keep a space for creation and exploration. The result is unique pieces that display an illustration or drawing that links me with the world of the Visual Arts, in which I've evolved all my life.

This humble profession, filled with artisans who advocate the sharing of knowledge, keeps me curious and in constant artistic evolution. The 1001 pots event is all about meeting others, asserting yourself and validating that you're not just passing through.

A look at what you will discover.

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