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Patrick Duclos

After a series of encounters with potters in 2001, in 2002 I began to explore "in my turn" the shapes and curves that can be given to clay! My path naturally led me to specialize in utilitarian pottery with which I take pleasure in combining classic and modern, serious and whimsical, glossy and matte... playing with all possible contrasts to transform your utilitarian piece into a work of art!

Inspired by textures produced by tools that I cut myself, the piece is enhanced with random patterns... that mesmerize us! To this is added an arrangement of bright glazes that I make from raw materials. I continue to refine my glazes and their combinations to find new ways to dress my pieces.

More recently I have started to introduce clay mixtures into my pieces (a Japanese technique called neriage), which adds an extra element of uniqueness to my pots! I have also discovered new glaze combinations, among the ones I already use, which allows me to offer a new look to my pieces!

A look at what you will discover.

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