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Dubord Ceramist / Glassmaker

My practice in crafts is at first formal, superimposed on a quest for intimate poetic-playful. My choices of materials, clay and glass, imply a passage through fire and a feeling of anticipation induced by their physico-chemical metamorphoses. I am particularly attracted by the know-how and the transformation of the material. The Object and the techniques of ornamentation and surface treatments are at the heart of my practice.

Clay is my medium of choice because of the historical charge that I assigns. Bearing roots and intimacy, ceramics allow me to access the volume, in the shape of a container, a concept with deep meaning for me. Glass, airy and luminous, appears and reappears regularly in my work. It carries exuberance and volubility, becoming an ornament on my ceramic works.

I research the contrasts and dichotomies between form and decor. The cohabitation between sobriety and fantasy is one of my “ways of doing things”. I tirelessly explore the fine line between delicacy and disorder. Intimacy, rootedness, volubility and incongruity are my favorite themes.

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