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ceramik fiSo kuzinö

Inspired by the complexity of nature, science, travel, technology, the infinitely small and large, extremes, contrasts, movement, I want my work to inspire as much wonder as it does me. I share my passion by creating decorative and utilitarian objects that arouse emotions in others. I love to surprise and communicate through art.

I create durable, multi-purpose objects to enliven and comfort the senses. For this collection, Point à la ligne, I wanted bright colors and contrast. Primary colors recall a return to my roots, to my first passions. I use contrast for the pleasure of the senses, between the color of the clay and the glaze, between the matte texture of the glaze and the bare clay, in order to highlight it.

I draw inspiration from the Bauhaus philosophy to create sober objects with minimalist geometric lines that can serve multiple functions. I'm inspired by the colors and shapes used in the works of Gaudi, Kandinsky, Miro, and Hundertwasser.

A look at what you will discover.

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