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Atelier Spirale

Born into a family of Iranian artists, Mahmoud Baghaeian immigrated to Canada in 1978. After studying engineering, he discovered clay and enrolled in a ceramics program. He made a remarkable entry into the Montreal art scene with his first major exhibition in 1990. His work is characterized by a fluid decor inspired by Persian designs and refined classical forms: each piece is a painting as well as a sculpture, an ancient relic as well as a contemporary art object. Baghaeian is the recipient of numerous awards and grants. He has exhibited widely, and his work is included in public, private and corporate collections around the world. In 1999 Mahmoud Baghaeian was admitted to the International Academy of Ceramics.

The forms I create serve as a canvas for designs that are inspired by the Persian tradition, challenging the typical rules of symmetry while respecting the harmony of form and surface.

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