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Helen Adilia Arceyut Frixione

I'm a Latina ceramic artist based out of Montreal, Canada. My work is rooted in my experiences of identity, migration, and displacement. My art explores the complexity of my mixed identity within a foreign environment. I use my ceramic art and utilitarian work to contemplate the intersection between my heritage, the collective culture of my homeland, and the multiple identities I have come to inhabit.

With my work, I explore the possibilities of clay through various hand-building techniques: coils and slabs and throwing elements to make sculpture objects. Through the tactile nature of clay, I investigate the power of memory, the significance of cultural symbols, and the interplay of color, texture, and form.

My large-scale vessels echo the profiles of Mesoamerican and pre-colonial vessels while incorporating varying surface techniques that serve to address various cultural influences that make up the Latin identity. This ongoing series aims to reconnect me with my heritage and homeland while creating work that's a true reflection of myself. I hope my art can help bridge the gap between my personal experience and the collective experience of the Nicaraguan diaspora.

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