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Annie Poterie

In my pottery, I like to awaken feelings of connection with nature, the outdoors and tradition. To do this, I use strong symbols from our culture, such as my traditional "bas de laine" collection, which represents the comfort of wool and the love of wood, or my "bonshommes allumettes" collection, which illustrates the pleasure of playing outdoors! As for the trees and arrows, they really speak to me. The upward-pointing one on the left represents conifers, trees, the forest. The one on the right represents the direction to take to reach a goal, our quest for knowledge. The arrowhead's triangular shape symbolizes both the feminine and the masculine, and if you turn it, it looks like vegetation growing! In short, it appeals to our primitive instincts. As for the bee, a great pollinator, it represents for me the importance of preserving biodiversity, where everything is interrelated. In short, my love of nature and the pleasure of being in it shines through in all my work.

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