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My background in tourism and sustainable development enriches and colors my thinking and my creative process. Territory and trace are at the heart of my concerns and inspirations. I'm interested in the relationship between humans and their environment, and in physical contact with the spaces we inhabit.

I immerse myself in a place by contemplating every detail, no matter how discreet. I collect rocks and plants in nature that inspire me and catch my eye, whether by their color, texture or shape. I'm drawn to the chance combination of glazes and uniqueness. I create objects for everyday tableware that are convivial and refined. The pieces are comforting and encourage us to take our time, to slow down.

My aim is to materialize the atmosphere, emotions and sensations experienced by designing pieces imbued with the spirit of the region. These expressive and sensitive interpretations highlight the textures of the clay and the nuances of the glazes interacting with them. Ceramics allow me to capture and freeze my memories in time. The landscapes I inhabit leave a trace in my geopoetic creations. With simplicity and harmony, I try to express beauty.

A look at what you will discover.

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