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Salsé Céramique

Simplicity of line, softness of curves and sobriety of decoration have always characterized my work. In the course of my various projects, I've been inspired by the soft, elegant lines of Art Nouveau, the sobriety and purity of post-war Scandinavian design, and the tranquility of Japanese bowls. To these cultural and historical references are added the emotions and impressions assimilated during encounters, travels and readings. In this way, a veritable catalog of shapes, colors and textures continues to grow and influence my production. Finally, having grown up in a rural, mid-mountain environment has definitely played a big part in the rusticity that emanates from my work. The shapes of my pieces are rounded and soft, like the rolling landscapes that cradled my childhood. Small volcanoes and stylized flowers appear in the decor of certain pieces, as well as in my signature.

The reddish-brown semi-sandstone (M390 by Plainsman) chosen for my production also recalls the color of volcanic rock. The dark red of the clay is deliberately highlighted by partial glazing of the pieces with either milky (ecru or water green) or satin (black) glazes.

A look at what you will discover.

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