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McNeil, Chantal

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for my work as a ceramist. I draw my breath and calm from it, as evidenced by the drawings engraved on my pieces in the Fleuve collection. The St. Lawrence River, its mountains and the forests that border it are omnipresent in my childhood memories, as they are in my daily life, when I go hiking in the forest or on a sailboat. A few small phrases, such as Jeter l'ancre ici, Nappe de brouillard se dissipant tôt ce matin or Prendre un bol d'air (on coffee bowls), are engraved to encourage pause and reflection.

I like to turn simple, uncluttered forms and contrasts between the textures of bare clay and glaze. With my pieces, I seek to go beyond the utilitarian object by sharing an idea, an image, the poetry of the landscape. I want the person who chooses a piece from the Fleuve collection to leave with a corner of the country in the palm of his or her hand, just as when you carefully choose pebbles on the beach. A new collection, L'églantier, is slowly being added to complement the previous one. This collection is an ode to the marriage of the unchanging (granite, pebbles - grey clay) and the delicate flower of the dog rose (wild roses in engraving), a fragrant treasure frequently found on the banks of the river.

A look at what you will discover.

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