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Le Grand, Louis

For each type of piece, I look for the best decoration, depending on the shape and size of the piece. I use underglazes, often applied to the raw piece, and a clear glaze. I also use bluish glazes, mostly in shades of blue.

From the beginning, I have only done large fire porcelain, in other words, I do not use small fire to add the decorations. I fire at cone 6, I use a Laguna Frost porcelain paste.

All my pieces are made to be used at the table. That is their practicality. On the other hand they are design objects meant to be looked at and touched. My design style is inspired by the Optical Art movement of the 1960s. Artists like Vasarely and Moholy-Nagy, or McLaren at home, drew lines that suggested movement, optical illusions, or Kinetic Art.

A look at what you will discover.

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