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Latour, Damiana (Daya)

I create objects that evoke peaceful happiness while having nature as a muse. This brings me joy, serenity and contemplative calm. Integrating elements of nature into my creations is a way of inviting its spirit, with all its poetry, into the heart of our homes. This reflection keeps me in constant connection with its sacred essence.

During the creation, I am inspired by its rhythm which takes all its time to unfold in order to impregnate my clay with this slowness. Once the ceramic object is in our hands, it offers us this moment of appreciation. My art offers this warm wave of small happiness through my pieces.

Before studying ceramics at the Bonsecours Center, I evolved through different professional spheres. I worked in the field of the environment for ten years, I am also a yoga teacher. Ecology and personal well-being are always part of my life, transmitted through my artistic approach. Having adopted Lanaudière as a place of life and creation, I got closer to nature in order to be able to be constantly inspired by it and to develop new collections that celebrate it.

A look at what you will discover.

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