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Eve M Laliberté

Discovering the medium of ceramics allowed me to connect some of my contradictions: rigor and casualness, order and chaos, impulsivity and reflection. I'm a gregarious person who likes solitude; the practice of ceramics nourishes both.

The search for an object's utility is juxtaposed with the search for aestheticism, the perfect curve and the harmonious relationship of the object to its environment. I cherish the rigor required to make a mold and the precision it brings to the multiplication of a piece. I also love the freedom and accidents revealed by splashes of underglaze, as well as the trace of my fingers and the multiple layers of color superimposed as my brush travels.

The inspiration behind these decors comes, in part, from Japanese ukiyo-e and watercolors, which fascinate me with their rigorous drawing and perspective, their depiction of everyday rituals and their emphasis on textures inspired by nature. I also have a penchant for industrial design and architecture. These two disciplines strongly influence my choice of shapes. The circle found in my pieces is a form of visual mise en abime: raw material transpires in a clean, well-defined space through the chaos of a decoration that floats organically on a well-defined form...

A look at what you will discover.

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