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My creativity is fueled by an appreciation of the world around me, by cultural diversity and also by the natural world. Being of Moroccan origin but born in Quebec, I was able to live and appreciate two very different cultures, which gave me the taste to explore others such as the Scandinavian or East Asian cultures. I aspire to convey this appreciation in my creations, whether it be through aesthetics, lifestyle or the culinary world represented.

The best way for me to share these values is through the production and sales of quality handmade ceramic products, designed for tableware and decorations. The tableware products include tableware such as cups, bowls, plates, teapots, etc. The decoration can be vases, plant pots, soap dishes, incense burners, etc. I aspire to make my creations useful and bring tranquility in the daily life and environment of the client, while adding a touch of refined and contemporary aestheticism. The first tableware collection is called LAGOM.

The LAGOM collection aspires to Scandinavian culture with a contemporary and clean aesthetic for everyday use, valuing quality for durability and inviting a slower pace of life. The color palette and textures are inspired by the winter landscape of Nordic fjords and forests.

definition LAGOM

(Swedish word for "the golden mean")

A philosophy of life based on simplicity, naturalness, moderation, consensus and balance in all things, which is generally associated with the Swedish way of life; by extension, this art of living.

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