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Crête, Virginie

My encounter with ceramics goes back to my adolescence. Strangely enough, it wasn't until I had studied visual arts at university, and then horticulture as a field of study, that my affinity for all things ceramic came to the fore. It was during these years of study that I rediscovered pottery with a well-hidden electric wheel in the ceramics workshop at UQÀM, and that I tamed the etching that influences my practice today.

I then reconnected with Lyse Fleury, an imminent potter from my native village, who over the years has become a mentor and a larger-than-life friend. I owe him in particular my learning to better feel the living and unpredictable medium that is clay, but above all to humbly accept the fact that the centerpiece is never the one I turn, but the clay with which I exercises to find a certain taste for balance. I like to describe my creations as Laurentian Pottery, a pottery through which I fix the flora, the landscape and my daily life of Sainte-Adèle.

I have been exhibiting in shops and markets since 2016 and I have been part of the 1001 Pots exhibition since 2019. I like to create objects that enter people's homes and are part of their daily lives. I like to think that my ceramics bring people together around a table to have a good time. Over the past few years, I have started to explore smoking. This ancestral technique greatly nourishes my imagination and my practice. It helps me to explore the world of shapes and engravings more freely.

As you know, pottery is a medium where there is an element of improbability, the end result of this slow cooking is even more uncontrollable and this is what makes smoking so magnificent and unique. I look forward to 1001 pots with the same impatience and enthusiasm every year, I love everything about this place. It's the time of year when the ceramist community comes together to share the passion for clay.

A look at what you will discover.

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