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Cormier, Janice

My art is informed by the natural landscapes in the places that I have called Home — Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and Northern California. I am inspired by the flora, geology, and elements of these different places. Home. A sense of belonging to place and nature. The human-nature relationship. These themes permeate my work.

I am fascinated by the collaboration of basic elements of nature that come together in the process of creating ceramics: earth, fire, water, air. There is also something visceral about working with my hands in clay. This human practice of shaping the earth with our hands has been around for thousands of years — perhaps because it reminds us of who we are, why we are here, or that we are part of Nature.

Coil by coil, I create vessels and sculptural works. This slow and contemplative process of handbuilding allows me to create dynamic, biomorphic and irregular forms. In honoring the natural state of the materials, I carefully select the clay’s color and texture. Naked clay, slips, gathered natural materials are incorporated to create tactile surfaces reminiscent of the landscape elements that inspire my work. Through form and surface, I seek to illuminate the natural beauty of the clay — to bring the earth to life, and to connect us to it.

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