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Proulx, Véronique (Black Sourie)

The approach surrounding the work of Black Sourie is divided into two parts. Having a solid base in artistic creation, I have always played with the phenomenon of attraction-repulsion. A rivalry between shape and surface treatment brings this kind of duality. The whiteness of the porcelain and the simplicity of the form is in itself very attractive, but the surface treatment that sports it is of a completely different nature. The surface is worked in drawing, an invading drawing. A drawing of a disturbing creature, all black and scribbled randomly. A “clash” is very present and this duality is the basis of Black Sourie ceramics, this creature that smiles at us in its black-on-white coat.

The second part of the collection is more in the reading of states. The work is more delicate and an impression of melting, flowing glazes frozen in time leads to a confusion of states. The power of this cooking heat affects the state of the material. What is solid is no longer so and what was liquid has become very solid again. Glaze and bare clay coexist to bring out the qualities of both materials.

A look at what you will discover.

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