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Ishikawa, Kinya

Kinya Ishikawa's delicacy isn't confined to her fingertips. It's rooted in the depths of her soul, and is reflected in her every gesture. Beyond his works, whose aesthetic refinement, originality and constantly evolving style have earned him international recognition, Kinya Ishikawa has found his own answer in sharing, mutual support and the strength of the group. For him, exhibiting alone is not the answer.

Founder of 1001 Pots This link will open in a new window, North America's largest ceramic exhibition and sale, Kinya Ishikawa showcases the work of hundreds of ceramists from near and far. The passion he cultivates and constantly renews, as well as the know-how he so humbly shares in his Val-David studio, radiate throughout the village.

Day after day, he embellishes his large Silica Garden, in which he stacks thousands of broken ceramic pieces. He gathers these pieces to make his garden blossom, just as he unites Quebec artisans to obtain a stronger voice and maintain the exceptional reputation of an environment in which he himself has shaped so much more than clay.

Photo L’info du Nord – Sarah St-Denis

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