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Desjean, Marie-Josée

I make ceramics to create pieces that, although useful on a daily basis, appeal to the playful side of each of us. I hope to contribute, through my work, to the creation of a poetic environment, bringing joy. I discovered and learned to work with clay in 1996 by attending the workshops of Rachèle Simard and Daniel Gingras. Since then, this material always stirs up new projects in me. Its malleability allows me to realize exactly what my mind imagines in connection with what surrounds me, while seeking to reinvent the object that holds my attention.

I favor organic and irregular shapes, and therefore work mainly in shaping, or by combining turning and shaping. Several of my prototypes are then molded. I almost exclusively use electrically fired cone 6 porcelain; its white surface highlights the vivid underglazes I use.

The decor that I create on each of my pieces gives them a unique character. I owe my taste for very graphic and colorful patterns to my training in textiles and architecture. As literature is part of my daily life in the same way as ceramics, I often include quotes that touch me in the pieces I design, driven by the desire to share with others what these phrases make me experience.

All of my pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.

A look at what you will discover.

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