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Delaux, Cécile

My childhood was lulled by the sweet memory of family meals!

Coming from an Italian family, the antipasti waltz was part of our family gatherings. What beauty, what excitement to bring out the precious and elegant dinner services, the embroidered tablecloths and the silverware! But how frustrating to wait for the big occasions.

Why did we have to wait to enjoy this enchanting setting? I've always made it a point of honor to create beautiful tables as often as possible for every guest visit, whether planned or impromptu. Pampering myself, sharing the beauty and pleasure of entertaining. Of course, the memory of my Italian grandmother and her farandole of dishes impossible to place on the table is still with me and has always saddened me, as I was constantly trying to find the best possible combinations like a game of Tetris.

Why evoke all these memories? My artistic approach stems directly from them, the desire to perpetuate the spirit of the art of entertaining by modernizing it. Over the years, my quest for aesthetics has always been my leitmotiv, but it absolutely had to be accompanied by practicality and functionality! My training in architecture and interior design is undeniably what influenced my clean, simple, textured and geometric shapes, as well as my choice of shades from old Mediterranean facades. Today, the farandole of dishes still exists, but the shapes of my pieces and their functions complement each other, so there's no need to play Tetris.

At last, we can indulge in both taste and sight.

Being able to enjoy simple beauty, refinement and elegance on a daily basis took away my frustration and gave way to the small pleasures of everyday life. I wanted my customers to feel pampered by being surrounded by beautiful pieces, both utilitarian and decorative.

A look at what you will discover.

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