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Circé-Perrault, Erika

What surrounds us is beautiful and ephemeral. Raw materials, the movements of the earth I can feel beneath my fingers and soothing colors are all elements that inspire me in the creation of clay works.

Navigating between two worlds that intersect and touch, my production oscillates between the seabed and the undergrowth. It's sometimes in red clay, decorated with plant engravings, and sometimes in white clay, adorned with floating octopuses on a contrasting watercolor background.

What unites these worlds are the soft-edged, round shapes they display. Through the diversity of the pieces I create, a theme of textures and shapes emerges. The designs engraved on my pieces are all original and unique. The surface of the pieces is composed of various textures, leaving the clay bare in places, and glazed in others for the greatest pleasure of the senses.

Since its discovery, pottery has molded itself to the needs of the cultures that have used it, adapting its forms to the needs of its users. Between everyday objects, ceremonial objects and objets d'art, my production varies according to the encounters I have with the people who use my pieces.

Cups, bowls, salad bowls, presentation plates, vases, garlic pots, soap dishes, jugs, Breton butter dishes, *grölle and **taraïettes are part of the Officinal and Pieuvres collections.

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