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Victoria Block

An established painter, she is here showcasing her ceramic creations, objects impossible to define, and impossible to forget. Block creates oblique vessels of myriad shapes and sizes, working the clay with instinct as much as with hands.

They feel ‘born’ rather than ‘produced’, huddled together on the floor of this amazing venue - a former Presbyterian church of Saint Paul - like some messengers from another realm, visitors, here but for a brief moment. The surfaces of the vessels are punctured with hundreds of tiny holes, and lit from inside, illuminate an entire universe of patterns. Like a milky way, they spill their light, flickering beyond our perception. Titled Prayer for the Planet, Block’s installation speaks of her interest in Eastern philosophy, and is her attempt "to convey a world that is a cross between a fragile coral reef and a galaxy, thus representing the microcosm and macrocosm."

A look at what you will discover.


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