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Banfill Ceramics

My inspiration for my work mainly comes from my love of nature and animals, and the art culture of Montreal that I have grown up with. I primarily make wheel-thrown pottery, but I also love to make small handbuilt ornaments, small sculptures and some jewelry. I have a few design themes that are the most prominent in my work: mountains, bears/animals, mushrooms and gnomes. I aim to recreate natural textures and forms in my work and turn them into a functional form of art that can be a part of someone’s everyday life. I also strive to use bright and vibrant colours for my glazes. I aim to continuously develop my style and skill, while exploring new forms and techniques. My most recent venture in my work has been exploring glaze chemistry.

My mountain design was inspired from my trips out to western Canada. I was inspired by the texture of the landscapes and mountains of Alberta. I wanted to have a daily reminder of one of my favorite places. The mountains started as simple line carvings on mugs but soon after turned into the mountain texture that it is today; carved mountains with an oxide stain. This mountain design holds a piece of my heart that is yearning to live out in the middle of the mountains. The same holds for my animal and mushroom mugs. I aim to bring parts of nature into my work to create a permanent reminder and feeling of theoutdoors.

A look at what you will discover.


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