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Annie Fournier (Atelier 542)

Clay is fascinating, uniquely soft, sometimes it makes us discover unknown aspects of it. I use it in different ways, mainly for everyday use, creating utilitarian pieces in various shapes and also as decorative centerpieces. My inspiration comes from the clean lines, coated with textured glazes.

Each firing reveals all of its immense beauty.

Oven and dishwasher safe.

Avoid thermal shock by placing the dish in the oven at the beginning of the firing.

I like to take special care in producing each piece to be enjoyed daily or occasionally. I use four types of clay for my utilitarian collection, semi-porcelain, black, red and grey stoneware. The pieces are then glazed and fired at high temperature cone 6. My utilitarian collection consists of various pieces for tableware, everyday objects, tea art and kiln firing. The glazes are applied randomly which gives them all their splendor and uniqueness from one piece to another. For my decorative centerpiece collection, I use a cream-colored grog that is then coated with glaze and finished with a cone 6 firing. I use all sorts of objects from my surroundings to create pieces with unique textures.

A look at what you will discover.

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