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Artemova, Olga

My explorations and my work with clay are strongly marked by themes linked to the fragility of life and the meaning we give it, the physical, psychic and socio-political environment in which we live. When I work in clay, I'm working on my emotions, my ideas, my impressions, which I sometimes find hard to express in words. It's an inner journey that I convey in my work, freezing it in the clay. In the studio, I experiment with the chemistry of glazes, shapes, firings, colors, techniques and different types of clay.

Inspiration comes from many sources: classical and primitive ceramics, oriental ceramics, nature, music and dance. I love simple, elegant forms with a sense of movement and balance, and a certain fragility.

In my research, I attach great importance to the history of ceramics and civilization in general. I draw inspiration from stoneware and porcelain containers made at different times in the East and in Europe, and I update their meaning by giving them a new symbolic charge, modifying the decoration and introducing modern subjects linked to current events. I like to evoke things for the viewer, whether through the décor or by creating installations that are often accumulative.

The Maison des métiers d’art de Québec is a centre for training, creation and research devoted to the development of contemporary practices in fine crafts and visual arts. The centre’s activités focus mostly on ceramics, sculpture, and textile knowledge. The MMAQ targets diverse clienteles of all ages, including the grand public and professional artists. The MMAQ has a partnership with the Cégep Limoilou and offers technical courses of the diploma of collegial studies in fine crafts in Ceramics, Textile Construction and Sculpture. The MMAQ fosters creation and takes part in the advancing of fine crafts knowledge by offering conferences, creation residencies, research committees and others specials projects.

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